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Creating a Website

Google Sites

The platform we will be using to create a website is Google Sites. This website allows for WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) website design. This is the easiest way to quickly design sites for the web, without needing to know how to write HTML (the language of websites).

To create a new site head to and create a new blank page. From here, you can begin to create a webpage to host your design content.


Adding Text

Creating a Text Box

There are multiple ways to create a text box in Google Sites. The simplest way is to click on the insert a text box from the Insert options on the sidebar.


Additionally you may using the pre-designed Content Blocks that create placeholder text and graphic boxes to help you construct your site.

The third and final way is to double click where you would like to insert text and then select the blue Tt text icon that appears.


Select the text box by clicking inside the box until a Text Cursor appears. You may then type whatever you wish.

Changing Text Settings

In order to adjust text settings click on the edit pencil after selecting the text box. EditText.png

The controls for editing text will then appear and then allow you to set custom text settings. TextSettings.png

Inserting Images

Inserting images works in much the same way as adding text. You can insert images by using the insert menu, content blocks, or double clicking and using the quick menu. Instead of selecting the blue Tt icon you will use the red image icon to insert images.

Once an image frame has been added, you can upload images by clicking on the plus icon in the frame.
From here you can insert web-safe image formats onto your website. Acceptable image formats are .PNG and .JPG.

Converting Images

In order to convert other image formats like .SVG and .PDF into web-safe formats, open your image on the computer in Preview or the corresponding design software. Export it to .PNG by going to File>Export in the menu bar.

Capturing Difficult Images

In order to create web-safe images of computer interfaces or 3d models that do not easily export, another option in to screenshot your work. On a Mac, the command for creating screenshots is (Cmd Shift 4). The screenshot will save to your desktop by default.

Adjusting Themes and Colors


To change the look and feel of your site, you will want to customize your site theme. The themes tab on the sidebar contains pre-made themes you may use as a starting point for designing your site. You may also create a custom theme in which you make all the design decisions yourself.

Preview Design Changes

By clicking on the picture of a laptop from the menu bar, you can preview what the website will look like when it is published.



Publishing is the way in which website changes are made visible to others. You may think of publishing as "saving" your final changes so that others may see them. In order to make sure that your changes are visible, you must click the purple Publish button on Google Sites, then after reviewing your changes, you will need to confirm your changes by pressing publish one more time.


In order to submit a final link to your website, click on the icon of a chain from the menu bar, otherwise known as "Copy Published Site Link". Click copy link and submit the link on the assignment page.

Advanced Google Sites

Adding Video Content

Adding Image Galleries

Adding Custom HTML