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What is Digital Communications?

Digital Communications is a course framework for teaching Digital Communications Technology (DCT), a career pathway course for High School students in Delaware.

The state of Delaware describes DCT as, "a three (3) course Career & Technical Education (CTE) instructional program of study that requires students to apply the skills and tools of digital designers used in graphic design, pixel-based imagery manipulation, HTML coding, digital video production, vector image manipulation, digital illustration, and digital publishing. Students utilize strategies to solve open-ended problems while learning how to apply technical skills, creative skills, industry knowledge, documentation techniques, and processes using modern, industry-leading technology and software. Client-based learning experiences and industry-mentored projects introduce students to a wide array of related careers in public relations, marketing, web and digital communications and printing."

Why Digital Communications is different

Textbooks and software manuals in the current market do not include art and design principles. Textbooks about digital design are not targeted at High School students, or those who may be unfamiliar with computers. Furthermore, these texts rarely connect the design software to real world products that students will be asked to create in early career activities. Digital Communications is designed to serve as a true introductory text that gives students career ready skills

The inspiration for creating a wiki comes from Digital Foundations: Intro to Media Design with the Adobe Creative Suite which is published by New Riders/AIGA Design Press, and licensed under a Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA) license.