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The Digital Communication Technology (DCT) program of study is a three (3) course Career & Technical Education (CTE) instructional program of study

Foundations of Digital Design

This course introduces students to the foundational principles, techniques, and skills of visual communications. Students learn the elements and principles of design, color theory, typography, packaging/promotional design, copyright/fair use, and image manipulation techniques along with the communication skills required to work within the media industry and client based realm. Students begin to develop the capstone cumulative professional portfolio.

Process of Digital Production

This course engages students to produce media and design content using the computer as an artistic medium. Students are prepared with the skills to develop digital files in Adobe Photoshop. Students learn raster image manipulation, editing, software application, publishing, digital media literacy, HTML coding, web development, and the delivery of digital products. Using the software, students will see their original design concepts and brainstorming come to actualization in the digital world.  Students continue to develop the capstone cumulative portfolio through production of their media and design concepts.

Applications of Digital Design

This course engages students in the use of the computer as an illustrative medium and film as an influential medium. Through the use of Adobe Illustrator and video production software, students prepare work in digital video production, video editing, and broadcasting of digital videos. Students are prepared in Adobe Illustrator with a focus on vector image manipulation, editing, illustration, publishing, and the delivery of digital products.  Capstone skills learned from prior coursework are applied for students to develop client-based design work through district and community partnerships to with the completion of the capstone cumulative portfolio professional portfolio.

Capstone Portfolio Website

During the course of three years, students will assemble a portfolio work to catalog and display their exemplary design work. This project should reflect design skills across a wide array of project and serve as a platform for future employment or college application submissions.